North Shore Bridge Club
             Lynnmour Jaycee  House, 1251 Lillooet Road ~ Mondays, 10:00am
                               Play a hand of bridge ~ Entry to a magic world ~ Social, thoughtful, fun

About us                       Top40 2016         Leading:  Kenny Chan
How to find us              Top20 Jul-Sep      Winner:  Kenny Chan
Events Oct-Dec             Top20 Apr-Jun     Winner:  Sia Siassi


Jane Johnston Club Appreciation games
Holly          Mon Oct 24
WintrC        Tue Oct 25

Results from the North Shore Clubs

North Shore Bridge Club (Monday 10:00am; open game)

Sep 26        Oct 3          NoGame     Oct 17
Hands             Hands             Hands           Hands

Hollyburn Club (Monday 7:00pm; open game)

            Sep 26         Oct 3             NoGame      Oct 17         *Club Champions:  Ken Kaan & Tony Wong

North Shore Winter Club (Tuesday 7:00pm; open game)
Sep 27*       Oct 4*         Oct 11        Oct 18         *Experts of Month: Clay Connerly & Anne Scott
*Club Champions:  Amir Alibhai & Marion Crowhurst

Hollyburn Country Club (Thu 9:30am; invitational game)

Sep 29         NoGame        Oct 13        Oct 20*         *Sheila Robertson Trophy:  Barbara Green & Joyce Peters
Hands                                  Hands           Hands

VBC at St. David’s:  visit their web site

Results from other clubs

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