North Shore Events:  January – June, 2019

Tue 15        WntrC         Monthly Swiss Teams
25-27                           Trophy Sectional; St. Mary’s Ukrainian Cultural Centre
Mon 21       Holly           Club Championship

Tue 5          WntrC         Club Championship
Thu 14       Holly           Mort Ferguson Trophy
Tue 19        WntrC         Monthly Swiss Teams

2-3                               Future Stars Sectional; date to be confirmed
Tue 19        WntrC         Monthly Swiss Teams
Thu 14       Holly           Club Championship (

Tue 2          WntrC         Club Championship
Thu 11       Holly           Bell Trophy Pairs (
8-14                             Victoria Regional, Victoria Convention Centre
Mon 15       Holly           Club Championship
Tue 16        WntrC         Monthly Swiss Teams

Thu 9         Holly           Cam Cameron Club Championship & AGM (invtl)
17-20                           Spring Sectional, date to be confirmed
Tue 21        WntrC         Monthly Swiss Teams

10-116                         Penticton Regional
Tue 18        WntrC         Monthly Swiss Teams


Club Codes
Cntr         Vancouver Bridge Centre:  2177 West 42nd Ave; 267 2202
Holly        Hollyburn Country Club:  950 Cross Creek Rd., West Vancouver; 767-5974
WntrC      North Shore Winter Club:  1325 East Keith Rd., North Vancouver; 980-8973

Last update:  Jan 14, 2019